Thursday, August 23, 2012

16 weeks!

Delainey is 16 weeks old today! We ran some errands (ie. shopping) today and then had dinner at La Nop with the McLaughlin's. We have been stocking up on fall/winter clothes for D. For anyone that doesn't know me well, I love dressing for winter weather! The turleneck is my go-to item when it's cold. It has become the on going joke with all of my friends. When we have a party to go to, everyone always asks what each other is wearing. They always say well we know Jamie will be in a turtleneck! haha Anyways we purchased D some jeans, several long sleeve onesies, and lots of cardigans. We also got some long sleeve white onesies that I am going to have embroidered. I will show you guys those once they are finished.

David's sister Elizabeth, her daughter Paige, and her friend Joy are in town for the weekend visiting. Elizabeth has never met D so they are sight seeing around Jax while enjoying some time just hanging out with D. I think we may go to the beach tomorrow or Saturday to catch some rays before Tropical Storm Issac comes through. I think it's going to be West of us but I'm sure we will get plenty of rain. Anyways I am still trying to get the pictures from my cousin from D's dedication so I will do that post when I get them. Here are her pics from today!


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