Monday, July 23, 2012

Miami Visit

(This should have been posted Sunday night, but internet didn't work) Yesterday Delainey, my mom and I started our week long trip through Miami to the keys. On the way down, we stopped in West Palm to have lunch with my Auntie Joyce( my grandma's sister) and my Aunt Jackie (Auntie Joyce's daughter). It was so great to see them and introduce Delainey to them. We have not seen them since my sister's wedding 2 years ago. Auntie Joyce is almost 90 and looks like she is no older than 75. She is in great shape and looks amazing! We enjoyed lunch at Chili's and caught up for 2 hours before hitting the road.

We arrived in Miami around 5 and showered up and went out to dinner with my Aunt Terri and cousin Walter. We ate at this place called Pascal's. It was delicious! It was a French American restaurant that had all types of gourmet foods like Cheese souffle and veal medallions. I was in heaven. After dinner we headed home and went straight to bed. We were exhausted after the long day.

This morning we got up and hung out with the family before leaving around 3. D got to meet my other cousin Walter and my Uncle Walter. We left Miami and headed to the airport to pick up David and my cousin Megan. David was on my brother's bachelor party in Biloxi and my cousin flew in from New York. We finally arrived to the keys house around 6, had dinner, and watched the bachelorette. We are off to bed to rest up as this week is going to involve lots of fishing, boating, and drinking.

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