Monday, July 2, 2012

Lazy Sunday & Monday

Sunday was such a relaxing day which was much needed after the past few busy days. We went to church and lunch and then just hung out at the house. The hubby washed the cars and worked in the garage all day while Delainey and I caught up on our recorded shows. (All 3 from Bravo of course!) How cute was her dress she wore to church. If you haven't heard of Smocked Auctions on Facebook, you should look it up ASAP. It is by far the cheapest I have found smocked dresses and rompers. What do you guys think about the bow? I like it but my husband thinks it is WAY too big and argues all day with me about taking it off of her.

Today my sister and I went to go see Magic Mike.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! I was soo disappointed. Channing Tatum is probably my favorite actors of all time (maybe tied with Zac Efron) I know I'm a 15 year old girl haha. This was the first movie he has starred in that I hated. The story line sucked it was more about drugs than a love story (which I really thought it was going to be based on the trailer). And of course every dance scene was shown in the previews so it wasn't like we were seeing anything new. And can we talk about how creepy Matthew McConaughey was in it. One of my friends warned me about it, but I had to see for myself. I should have just taken her word for it. Anyways Delainey is sporting her red, white, and blue all week in honor of 4th of July. Of course I forgot to take a pic today. But here is one from bath time in her bunny towel! I just love her! :)

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