Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Disney Cruise 2017 Recap

 A few weeks ago we went on a 3 day Disney cruise with our friends Alicia, Mike, and Collins and we had a blast. We only brought the big girls since the little ones were too young to go to the kids zone. When I booked it 6 months ago I didn't think Blakely would notice or care. She totally would have loved it and I felt so bad leaving her. She is Disney obsessed right now and I think I am actually going to take her to Magic Kingdom next week just the two of us to make up for it :)

Anyways we left on a Friday and were back on Monday morning. Personally it was one day too short for me but with Dave's schedule we will never be able to do longer. The food like last time was still amazing and it was such a relaxing trip only having to deal with the big girls. They swam on their own, went to the kids zone quite a few times, played at the beach, watched some movies in the room, slept in, they were just a real treat. I worked out every morning, had some quiet time, laid out with Alicia while enjoying some drinks, watched every show they had with girls, and enjoyed dinner with just the adults most nights. The highlight of the trip for the girls was the shows and playing detective around the ship trying to solve a mystery from pictures that are animated and give clues. It is actually a really cool part of the cruise. We met all the princesses, got autographs, and did plenty of crafts in the kid zone.

Delainey's favorite part was her cameo as a Dwarf in the show. She loved every second of it! Overall it was a great trip. Too short but lots of fun and next time we are bringing Blakely too!!

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