Thursday, July 20, 2017


Hey guys! Sorry for no post last Friday. We had our annual girls trip to Hammock Beach and honestly there wasn't much to report in the fertility world. This week though, I am happy to let you  know that I am 2/3 of the way done with my birth control and haven't killed anyone yet. LOL Honestly it hasn't been too bad. The key is being around other people so I behave myself and don't jump off the deep end. It also helps that we have been busy vacationing, swimming, and packing for another vacation. I have one week left of birth control then I am home free.

The Lupron shots start up again on Saturday and I will be on that for almost a month. It's a small little shot with only 10 mg so I don't mind it too much. Plus this time I am approaching it with a chubbier belly hoping the shots won't hurt as bad! (I didn't plan it that way, but I haven't worked out much and definitely haven't watched what I eat.) Oh well.

We are headed to the keys on Saturday for our annual Lobster week. This time my friends Erica, her husband Mike and 2 kids are staying with us so that should be fun introducing some new people to the craziness of it all. I am mostly packed. I did the girls clothes, my clothes, organized my meds and toiletries basically it's just last minute stuff like food, sound machines, pillows, blankets...things we use every single day.
I've got my shots, calendar, and pills all organized like a 90 year old woman LOL
 So onward we march just over 1 month till transfer day. It will be here before we know it. And to respark my baby fever, Tuesday I went and visited my best friend Alicia's new son at the hospital. He is so precious and tiny. I love newborns!   Praying for one again someday! :)
 But in the meantime we are staying busy. We went to see the Ugly Duckling play on Wednesday and we took our babies bowling today for the first time. (It was the dolls first time LOL) I died when Blakely even put socks on her baby so she could bowl. She had it push the ball down the ramp and everything. Haha

So off we head to the Keys on Saturday. I will probably not do a post next week on Friday since I won't have my computer but I will do one when I get back. I'll post pics on Instagram all week if you want to stay in the loop though. Talk to you all soon!

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