Friday, March 10, 2017


Well friends we made it! My last blog post before my transfer! I can't believe I'll be laying in bed this time next week hoping theres a baby growing inside. Ahh! Lots of good things happened this week. For starters, today is my last day on my Lupron shot in the stomach. They really weren't too bad and I'm excited for a 4 day hiatus until the stomach shots start again. On Wednesday, I will start the heparin shots and hopefully I will be on them for the next 12 weeks because that means a baby is growing. Most people don't do the heparin shots, but I do because I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR. Basically it is a blood clotting disorder so I am more likely to we keep my blood nice and thin with shots in the both the morning and the night. The shot itself isn't bad, but I have to inject an entire syringe full so this is when the lumps and bruises start occurring. Here is a before and after pic of how my stomach has changed since doing shots for the past 27 days. I personally don't see much difference except that I'm bigger because I am hungry all the time! :) I think I am up a good 5 pounds since January.

My estrogen is back down to 1 pill twice a day and on Sunday I start taking my Crinone, the progesterone. Basically we are done telling my body don't ovulate and now we are flipping the script to tell it I am pregnant and keep a baby alive. Last time I did the progesterone in oil shots in the booty and I despised every last one of them. This time I'm doing the vaginal gel and I'm so excited about it. I saw a new Doctor on Thursday and he asked me if he should draw my circles so I knew where to do my injections. I said No way Jose. Not doing those this time! He said he actually prescribed only Crinone at his old practice up north which made me feel good that he saw great results with it and it is just as effective. Bring on the Crinone!

Thursday we had our last ultrasound to make sure everything was still quiet and it was. No cysts or crazy things going on so we got the all clear for the transfer. Delainey came with me to this appointment and what a gem she was. It's so much easier to bring a 4 year old with you vs a 1 year old LOL. We headed to BSF afterwards which is why I had her in tow. Blake was a little sick so we kept her home with Grammy. 

So that is all that is going on in the fertility world. I will be back next Friday with a recap of my transfer. Please get those prayers working as we are in the final countdown. We could be pregnant or going through this all again in 3 short weeks! :) We are celebrating Georgia's 3rd birthday tomorrow and then we are on spring break next week. I'm planning on doing a day trip to Seaworld with the girls and maybe the beach/zoo before I go on bedrest for 2 days! I hope you all have a great weekend!  XOXO 

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