Friday, August 19, 2016


Hey guys! Here we are again on another infertility Friday. They are passing quickly which is a good thing. I am currently 6 Weeks and 5 days and theres not to much to report this week. I have been tired this week and the nausea is just starting to show itself in the past day or 2. We will see if it gets worse over the next few days. This is about the time when symptoms appeared for my other pregnancies so who knows. Still going strong with the shots and meds. My belly is definitely bigger than when we started this whole process. Not because of a baby though, it's from my heparin shots. I have lots of tiny lumps all over my stomach. It's definitely sore to the touch. Here are some before and afters. Hey at least I have gotten a tan over the past few weeks LOL.

This week is my big ultrasound. I have an appointment Wednesday afternoon to see what all is happening in there. Once you see a heartbeat and confirm baby is measuring on track, the chances of a miscarriage drop to 1% so I am really hoping for good news on Wednesday and that will alleviate some stress. I just read too much on the internet about there being an empty sac or baby measuring a week behind, which usually means you will have a miscarriage in the coming week or 2. So until Wednesday, I'm not going to feel great about anything. I really would appreciate your prayers for a little longer! They are working so I am going to ask for more for a good ultrasound on Wednesday! :)
I will be back on Wednesday evening to let you know how it goes. School starts this week for D and I have supper club on Tuesday so I have plenty to keep me busy and my mind off the ultrasound. We are just laying low this weekend. David is in Tampa for a work trip so the girls are just hanging. I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll be back on Wednesday with hopefully great news!

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