Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blakely's 8 Month Update

Height: about 28 1/2 inches
Weight: about 16 lbs 8 ounces
Head Circumference: about 17 inches
Vision: You are starting to have some interest in the TV. When Delainey is watching a kid's show you will turn to see what the noise is coming from....which could just be the sound, but you seem interested.
Movement: You are still immobile :) I think the biggest part you are trying to figure out is how to get from sitting position to crawling position. I am putting you in crawling position so you can work out your arm muscles. The pincher grip is officially good. You can grab puffs or any small think between your thumb and pointer and put it in your mouth now. I love to watch your serious concentration face when you are eating puffs. Still no sign language yet, but Mom is still working on it.
Eating Habits/New Foods: Still eating every 3 ounces, but I think I have had a decrease in my milk supply with all the new food and sleeping through the night so who knows how much you get each feeding. We have increased your food intake to 2-3 meals a day and if Mom skips one you let me know! For breakfast I have been doing an apple rice cereal or fruit puree. Lunch is usually a pouch or puree of some sort of mixed fruit/veggies. Dinner is whatever we are eating pureed or a puree I made that involves meat or noodles. You loved the sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving! Your favorite is still puffs though!  It is time for round 2 of making baby food since most of your pouches are gone! Bring on the thicker foods.
Sleeping Patterns: You are still sleeping through the night with an occasional bad night when you were sick and congested. You still take a morning nap around 10-11 and an afternoon nap about 2-3. Sometimes you will take an extra late nap too around 5:30 just depending on how long your naps were earlier in the day. Bed time is around 8.
Sounds/Words: You say Dada now! Still more of Mama, but you definitely say Dada and severe other 2 syllable sounds that don't really mean anything. You really only cry when you are hungry or tired. You grunt continuously when you want more of puffs. You laugh at Sis a lot and love making sounds at your toys.
New discoveries/accomplishments:
-You said Dada
-Your pincher grip is great now!
-You are loving new foods and since having sweeter ones, you are over green beans and other veggies
-You went on your first cruise!
-You celebrated your first Thanksgiving!
-You rode on your first the chest pack of course at Jack's birthday
-You experienced your first trip of Black Friday shopping with Mom
-You met Dash the Elf for the first time!
Places you went/Adventures: The fun continued this month. Of course the best thing we did was the Disney Cruise and you were such a little gem, just went with the flow all weekend long. You went to Jack's birthday party and rode on a horse, celebrated Thanksgiving, did tons of Christmas shopping for your cousins as well at our Angel tree girl, watched FSU football, watched your sis perform in her Thanksgiving parade and just spent time with the Family!
Clothes: You are mostly in 6-9 month clothes with a few of them being 12 months. They are a little big, but they definitely are doable. Most leggings and jeans are 12 months. We are in 9 month sleepers now. Still a size 3 diaper. We are still waiting for the cold weather to break out all our cute winter clothing!
Sister updates: There is nothing better than sitting you in your room with toys and watching you on the monitor while Delainey comes in and plays with you. She really is so sweet to you and I rarely ever have to get onto her about being nice to you. Occasionally she will pull your leg if she wants to be held and I'm holding you. She tells you while eating, 'watch me sis, this is how you chew." You are such a curious girl. You just sit back and observe everything she is doing and I know one day you are just going to take off running with her!
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