Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Girl's Disney Trip #1 with our Annual Passes (and Blakely's 1st time to Disney)

A few months ago I posted about how I got a wild hair and called David and told him that I wanted annual passes to Disney World for my birthday. He said ok and I hit that checkout button on the computer and it was done. I have been looking for a good time to go and it just so happened to be this past weekend. Most people say I am crazy for taking 2 kids to Disney by myself, but it really was such a blast and the girls did awesome!! 
We woke up Friday morning, got dressed, ate breakfast, and were on the road by 8:30. We went straight to Magic Kingdom and off we went! I think knowing we could come back as much as we wanted this year, really helped. We took our sweet time getting out of the car, stopped to look at anything Delainey wanted to, basically just let her run the show. We did some rides, watched the parade in front of the Castle, stopped to have lunch, met Ariel and did a few more rides before calling it a day. The line for the monorail was insane so we decided why not take the ferry and do some sightseeing. We hopped on the ferry and rode over to the Grand Floridian and acted like we were staying there! lol We walked the grounds, listened to the live music and the lobby, and then hopped on the monorail from there and headed to the car. 

 We stayed in a hotel that night and then the next morning we went to Epcot. Delainey had never been to Epcot and I have never been during the food and wine festival so we figured why not! We did the ride in the Epcot ball, a Nemo ride, turtle talk with Crush, and watched a movie with Timon and Pumba from the Lion King. We were getting hungry so we decided to head to the world area to sample some food around the world. Only problem was it was a madhouse! Several people I talked to said it was the busiest they have ever seen the food and wine festival. We stopped at Greece, Italy, and Germany and the food was amazing! I would love to go back on a weekday night when it is not busy and much cooler and actually enjoy the food and drink some wine :) It is definitely pricey though. My 5 samples cost $28. I was stuffed after that though!! We called it quits around 3ish, but not without a Mickey Mouse ice cream for my big girl! Big mistake! I was thinking they would both crash for the car ride home. Delainey was so hyper and would not stop talking my ear off the entire 2 hour ride. Lesson learned. lol

I want to go back again soon and do Hollywood Studios, but I feel like there is so much going on I don't know when! Maybe we will do a day trip one day during the week! Our next big trip is just 3 weeks away and it's our Disney Cruise! I could just die I am so excited! Especially because Delainey doesn't know we are going and we are going to surprise her the night before with a phone call from Mickey & Minnie!
Busy week ahead with a Fall festival at D's school, a spray tan & spritzer party on Thursday night and Tracie's wedding this weekend. Hopefully I'll be back before the weekend to post some pictures!

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