Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life through the camera roll

Over the past week, we have just been hanging out doing the gym, tutoring, ballet, lots of swimming at Grams, and playing at the house. Delainey watched the show Say yes to the dress & insisted she have her own veil to wear around. Luckily mine was just upstairs in storage. One of these days when I have lots of time, I want to do a photoshoot with her in my wedding dress. She is so cute, when I opened my dress bag she said "wow mom it is just beautiful!" I love how well she expresses herself. Baby B is growing up so fast! She is a lively lady who loves to smile and grab at anything she can. 

 Friday, Dave didn't have any surgeries to do so his coworker Joe came over with his family to hang out and go to the pool. D loves playing with the older girls. I was surprised she let them put her in the back seat of her own jeep. LOL good sharing! Big girl also got her first frappucino from starbucks this week. (with no coffee of course)

Friday night we celebrated my friend Amanda's engagement at one of the Jax Beach bars. It was nice to have a night out with all the girls...kid free. We had a good old time busting a move on the dance floor! The food was dynamite too!
 Saturday we had a relaxing morning at the house, then went to the mall to buy Dave some new bathing suits. On the way home, we picked up sushi and had family movie night. I suggested sleeping bags on the floor for the movie and when I came out Dave had a huge air mattress blown up. Delainey loved it!
I just love how Blakely sleeps with her hands in the air if she isn't swaddled.

 Sunday, we were bad and decided to skip church to get to the beach early before it got to crowded and hot. We found an awesome spot with a runoff pool like area for the kids to play in and it was fantastic. This was really the first time Blakely actually got in the water. I love the beach, but boy do I hate cleaning off 2 sandy kids. D was hilarious on the way home. She put a blanket over her head and took a nap on the way home...whatever works!

Blakely is now able to sit in the bumbo!! The tray is nice too so I can put things up there for her to grab. Can you tell Delainey picked out her outfit that day?

 And here is how we take on Costco and grocery shopping. I wear Blakely on my chest and put Delainey in the basket. The carseat just doesn't sit well in the cart and Blakely loves it as long as she is facing out and can see what's going on.
So that is pretty much it as of lately. Tomorrow I'm getting a massage and doing a little one night vacation with Grammy and the girls at Amelia Island. Pops won a free night at the Ritz Carlton in an auction so we are taking advantage. Just planning on hanging by the pool & beach and Delainey is so excited because she loves hotels! I'll be back with pictures of our "staycation."

And here is just a fun little comparison of the 2 girls at exactly the same age. Not too similar in my opinion!

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