Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Delainey's 3rd Bday trip to Seaworld

Day 1
Saturday morning we woke up and headed down to Seaworld around 8 am. We were there by 10:30 and the adventure began! For those of you who don't know me well, I am a drill sergeant on vacations, because I want to make sure we get every possible thing in that we can. I knew we had 2 days of Seaworld, so we took our time and casually strolled around the park. It was kind of nice not rushing from one thing to another with a written itinerary! Anyways, the 1st day we were there we did all the shows except from Shamu and all the larger rides that Delainey was allowed on. We did let Dave sneak off at one point to ride the Manta rollercoaster too.By 6ish Delainey was starting to fade so we called it quits for the day and left to go have dinner at my favorite burger restaurant Fuddruckers. After dinner, we headed to the hotel to check in. Delainey loves staying at hotels, I think as much as going to theme parks :) She asked to stay at the hotel vs. going back to Seaworld! LOL Anyways when we checked in we realized the pool was heated, so we said what the heck let's go swimming in the dark even though it was past bedtime....we are on vacation! 

Day 2
 The next morning we leisurely snuggled in bed while getting dressed and packing up to check out. We headed back to Seaworld for round 2, but this time we focused on the kid's area and letting Delainey run wild wherever she wanted. Our first stop was at the Shamu show and then to the kiddie area for all of D's rides. The roller coaster was a litttle intense for a 3 year old and she was unsure, but we pushed through it! Delainey was obsessed with the humongous net play area. She played there for over an hour. The best part about the kiddie area is the air conditioned baby station. Blakely and I sat in the AC every 3 hours to feed her and change her diaper. Blakely was a champ the whole weekend! Ate, looked around for a little while, then back to sleep in either the baby carrier or the stroller.

Dad of the year...how many kids can you hold at once

We headed home around 4 to get back for a birthday party for D with the family at 6. I'll do another post about the party, but overall it was a great fun but relaxing weekend spent celebrating my big girl with all my favorite people!

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