Monday, April 20, 2015

Weston's 1st Birthday party

This weekend we celebrated one of my best friends son's 1st birthday. It is crazy to think in 3-5 years all of my good friends will most likely have kids and the birthday parties will take on a whole new meaning. The theme for the party was Wild Wild Weston. Delainey loved riding on the horses and feeding them. She had a good time playing with the other kids her age. Of course she made best friends with the 5 year old instead of the other 2 year olds, but she just loves older kids! Blakely just hung out and was passed around from person to person wanting to hold her. 
 The birthday boy!

Other fun things that happened this week was Blakely took her first bath and she loved it! Delainey did really good not splashing her or smothering her! Baths together is going to be my saving grace so I always know where my kiddies are vs. bathing one and letting the other roam the house! :) 
Delainey had a sleepover with Grammy & Pops on Friday night, so Dave & I (and of course B) could have a date night at Carrabbas. It was a very nice relaxing evening! 
Saturday after the party, Dave went out on the boat to fish so we just hung out at the house and then on Sunday we went to watch Dave play in his basketball league. It is just a rec league, but Delainey enjoyed watching Dad play. 

Also Delainey reached a milestone this past week, and has officially given up naps. I was dreading it because I love an hour of peace and quiet to do things or take a nap myself, but putting her to bed at night was a NIGHTMARE! I would have her in bed with stories and prayers over by 8:30 and she would play in her room, ask for things, pretty much do anything besides sleep for about 2 hours. She would go to sleep by 10:30-11. It was horrible. So I gave her the option of quiet time in her room instead of a nap. So she is still in her room playing/reading books for an hour so I still get some peace! I should have done this about 2 months ago! O well just in time for her 3rd birthday!

Here is a picture of me and Blakely snuggling during quiet time today! 

The countdown for birthdays has begun! David is in 9 days and Delainey is in 12 days! Time to go shopping :)

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