Monday, April 13, 2015

Recap of last week & Blakely's 2 week check up stats

Blakely's 2nd week of life was a busy one to say the least. There is no holding back with a newborn...we are doing the same things, it just takes longer to get out the door and more planning! Mom and Kelli were on spring break this week so we enjoyed lots of time by the pool, a day at the beach, some preschool, and some quality family time spent with Elizabeth and Paige who were in town from Wednesday to Sunday. 
Wednesday we skipped mom 2 mom and went to the beach with some friends. It was a gorgeous day!! 

Friday we had our newborn pictures in the morning and then that evening we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner and to Disney on Ice with D's bff Collins. Blakely even enjoyed the music! :)
D is getting real sassy with her new hand on her hip move:)

 The girls were mesmerized and kept waving hi to all of the characters! 

 Saturday we went to the beach with Emily, Liz, Paige and her friends and then had dinner at Gammoes.
Delainey got a little bit of a cold on Saturday so we are doing our best to try to keep her away from Blakely as much as we can (which is basically impossible!) She of course got me sick today too so we have just been hanging out at the house today watching lots of TV shows and movies.

We did go to Blakely's 2 week check up and she is a growing girl!
Height:  21 3/4 in - 90%
Weight: 8 lb 8 oz - 50%  (up 1 lb 9 oz from her last visit less than 2 weeks ago) woohoo!
Head: 14 1/4 in - 50%
She is starting to strain to poop like D did when she was little so we have to use a rectal thermometer every now and then to help her get it out. She also still has a clogged tear duct, but otherwise we are looking great! We are off to try our first real bath since her umbilical cord has fallen off!

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