Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blakely Ann McLaughlin is here!

 Well it only took me a week to do a post about Blakely being born, but I would say that's not too bad considering how busy we have been. Yesterday, we actually celebrated Blakely being 1 week old! Time has flown by this week and I can't imagine life without her. She is such a great sleeper...knock on wood. Sometimes I wish she was awake more, but I know that is just crazy to ask for. :) She literally eats, poops within 5 minutes of eating and then goes back to sleep. She is averaging eating about every 3 hours. It varies some, because by the time she is done eating one boob she is back to sleep and then is hungry for the other an hour later. I'm telling you I can't keep her up. We are figuring it out. It definitely takes more time to get out the door and MUCH more organization. I have been trying to repack everyone's bags the night before so we are ready to go in the mornings. I'd say life around here has been good! Here is the birth story: (feel free to skip over this, but I want it documented to compare on the next baby!)

Friday night, March 27th, Emily and I went to bonefish and then to see the movie Insurgent, before B arrived and my movie days were over. After the movie we came home and I just had a feeling tonight may be the night so I told Dave don't have more than 1 glass of wine :) Around midnight I started feeling some contractions and said I think this could be it and I started timing them. They were about 3-5 minutes apart, but they were not very intense. I called the on call line and waited for 30 minutes to here from a nurse. No one called. I called again and they re-paged her. At this point, horror stories were going through my mind of having the baby in the car so I said forget it, lets just go to the hospital.
We arrived to the hospital at 2 and they checked me. I was 4 cm dilated and was having some contractions, but they weren't very consistent. She told me to walk the halls for an hour and they would check again to make sure things were progressing. The family had arrived by then and we walked. By 3:15 I was checked again and I was 5 cm so they admitted me. I received received my epidural at 4 and by 5:30 I was 6 cm. Things started to slow down from the epidural, at 9 am I was still 6 cm so they started me on pitocin. I also took a zofran for nausea. (every time I would have a contraction I would get nauseous which was very different from Delainey) At 10 am my water broke and the nurse thought she saw hair coming out. The dr and staff ran in set up all their equipment and said ok let's push. Well when the dr looked it was a false alarm. I was only 8 cm and there was no hair. So we are ready to go but Blakely was not. They kept the pitocin going and by 12 I told the nurse I was starting to feel some pressure. This time she checked and I was actually fully dilated and ready to go.
I told Dr. Stoddard I was a fast pusher and she said well let's see how you do on one set of pushes. I pushed twice and she said "well ok! Let's have this baby!" 2 more pushes and out she came! She was sunny-side up which means her face was up to the sky which usually is a lot harder to push out, but we didn't seem to have any trouble there. I got a 2nd degree tear and was cleaned up in no time holding my sweet baby girl!

Blakely was born at 12:16 pm and was 7 lbs 4 oz, 20 inches long (I think really 21 inches) and scored a 8 and 9 on the apgar test. She latched on very easily to breastfeed and has had a record amount of poops over the first few days. She is very laid back, sleeps, eats about every 3 hours, and is awake for maybe 15 minute stints throughout the day. Some nights she has gone for 4-5 hours between feedings. Delainey is obsessed with her sister and I just know they are going to be the best of friends!!

I can't imagine life without our little peanut!

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