Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Recap 2 - Christmas Eve

In the 2 days leading up to Christmas we stayed very busy! We did last minute shopping with Gammoe and of course her and D had to ride the train around the mall, we had lunch at Olive Garden, we took naps, and we made birthday cupcakes for Jesus. Delainey did almost everything to help make them and she loved it. Her favorite part is breaking the eggs and of course licking the spoon:) 

 On Christmas Eve, Collins came over to play with Delainey for a little bit, then we took naps and headed to church for Christmas Eve service. I'm happy to report we made it through the entire service! We kept bribing her with the candle lighting at the end of the service which was almost about to happen. She actually did really good to sit through an hour and 15 minute service.

 I told you she was fascinated by the candle lighting ceremony!

 After church we headed back to Grammy & Pops for dinner and some Christmas eve games with more presents! The girls got their own pottery barn chairs which are so cute and great for D to sit in by her bookcase and just read her books!

We headed home by 9ish to put out the milk, cookies, and carrot for Santa and Rudolph, read the night before christmas and headed to bed to wait for santa to come. Of course mom and Dad had lots to still set up and cook for the next morning, but we made it to bed not too long after she did.

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