Thursday, October 30, 2014

My 30th Birthday Week!

Birthday week kicked off on Friday, well really I've been getting little bday perks and presents all month, but it officially was my week and I pretty much got to make all the plans. Friday Dave tested out the boat since it hasn't been on the water for over a month so D and I enjoyed a little afternoon joy ride and then headed to Movies in the park to have a picnic and watch the Lego movie. 
D lasted about 30 minutes into the movie before she lost interest and wanted to go play with some other kids running around. It was fun while it lasted and we will definitely be doing it again!

Saturday we took the boat out to watch the NAS Air show. The boat is 100% the way to go. Traffic was insane trying to get on the navy base. We tied up with one of Dave's coworkers, Joe, who has 2 daughters and they brought 2 other little girls so Delainey had a blast playing with the girls. Of course the weather was perfect and the airshow was very cool. The jets were flying directly over us! Taking the boat out of the water was not fun considering there were another 50 boats all trying to get off the water at the same time. Next year we will have to plan on staying on the water for an extra hour or so after it ends.

After the show, we headed home to shower and head to Marcia's for my family birthday dinner. My whole family including my cousins came over and enjoyed a gourmet meal of filet mignon! We opened presents, had pie, and played some games afterwards. It was exactly how I wanted to celebrate going into my 30s!!

Sunday we went to church and then headed out to Erica's annual pumpkin carving party. D actually helped a little this year. She tried taking the seeds out one by one so I sped the process up. I didn't let her use any sharp objects yet so I carved Ariel, but she had fun running around the yard and eating candy.

Tuesday, my actual birth DAY, Dave took me out to dinner at Ruth's Chris just the 2 of us and got me a lovely new Michael Kors purse. I had such a great birthday surrounded by all the people who I love and am welcoming what 30 has to offer. Life is great with my husband, daughter, daughter on the way, and all my amazing friends and family!

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