Thursday, September 11, 2014

Delainey's 1st day of Preschool - 2's

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! By the time I get in bed to look at the computer and maybe blog, I  find myself going straight to sleep. I will explain more in a post next week what has been going on. In other news, Delainey has completed her 2nd week of preschool today and it seems to be going well. She was very excited to head off to school on the first day and wear her new backpack and eat her lunch she helped me pack! Of course she was most excited about playing on the playground.

She ran right into school like such a big girl! We ran into a girl I know from Mom to Mom and the pool while walking in so D went up and said Hey Claire! Unfortunately Claire is in the 3's class so she was on her own with all new students in her class.

As soon as we went in, she ran off to play. I made her go to the bathroom and then said bye. I had to force her to give me a kiss. Where has my baby gone! I will say I would much rather that though then the 4 or 5 kids who were in there hysterically crying hanging onto their moms.
That afternoon we picked her up, and of course I asked her a million questions about what she did. She was so exhausted the only things she told me was that she did not share and that she got timeout. Oh great I'm thinking. My kids is the mean one who the teacher isn't going to like. Haha well long story short I asked the next day if she got timeout and the teacher said she hadn't on either day so D was just making that up. I bribed her with an ice cream treat if she was nice so that was a good incentive. I definitely think she is a positive reinforcement child and not a negative. Being punished just doesn't phase her.
We had another successful week at school with Mom to Mom in between on Wednesdays which of course I love. 2 hours with no kids, free breakfast, an awesome message on how to be a Godly mom, and fellowship with's the best! It has been nice being on a schedule again. It makes the day go by so much faster, plus I love getting some one on one time with Georgia when D is at school. I'll be back soon to recap my surprise weekend getaway soon!

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