Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My first week with 2!

This past Wednesday marked the beginning of me watching Georgia everyday and getting my practice as a mother of 2! It went great! Georgia is so easy and flexible that adding her to the mix was a breeze. It definitely takes me longer to get out of the house, and Delainey constantly wants to touch her or play in the baby items, but besides that it's like we haven't even added another.
We had an outing to Chick-fil-a on Thursday and we went to the pool on Friday since Dave didn't have to work! Delainey is going to love having Georgia around all the time! (D was crying bc Georgia just grabbed a nice handful of hair and pulled it haha!)

On another note, Tuesday was my last day of tutoring for the summer and Grammy had Delainey for the day. She had a hair appointment so she brought D with her. The nice hair washing lady offered to wash Delainey's hair and blow dry it. Delainey loved it and thought she was the coolest kid ever! All she talks about is going to the salon and does her dolls hair!

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