Saturday, March 2, 2013

43 weeks

43 weeks was a big food week for us! I have read pages and pages of when you should give your baby certain foods and which ones you definitely should not. Well this week I just threw it all out the window and did what I wanted. I figured she has had no allergic reactions to anything so far in her life so the odds of her having food allergies was going to be low. So we took the plunge and tried peanut butter. She did just fine with it. I have since given it to her 3 more times and she has had no reactions! YEA!! I got an organic peanut butter, but I'm not crazy about it. Where's all the sugar? It just tasted like a peanut paste. Hopefully we will get used to it. We also tried some shrimp this week. She actually liked it which I was surprised to see. So I think we are pretty safe from food allergies. Thank you Lord! I feel so bad for kids who have to sit at a different table at lunch because they can't even smell peanuts. Keeping Dean 2 days a week who has allergies to nuts & eggs is enough for me and I don't even make his food. I am very careful to give him only what his Mom packs for him.
Anyways, on Wednesday we had a playdate at this place called O2B kids. It was similar to my gym, but had more toys and less gymnastics stuff. It was okay, but we had a good time playing with Matthew from Mom to Mom. We also did a little shopping at Target afterwards. I am so excited for Easter this year. I can't wait to get D her first Easter basket and carry on some traditions. Now if only she could walk we could do an Easter egg hunt, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Anyways, I hope everyone has a good weekend. We are just hanging out at the house on this COLD day!

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