Sunday, February 10, 2013

40 Weeks & Weekend Recap

I can't believe baby D cooked in my belly for 40 weeks and now she has been outside for 40 weeks! Where does the time go! Honestly I feel like my 40 weeks of pregnancy flew by. It seems like she has been alive for much longer than only 40 weeks. I can't remember life without her! 
40 Weeks in & 40 Weeks out!

This week was very busy as we are getting ready to go to Breckenridge this Thursday for a ski vacation! I have been trying to pack everyone up, purchase last minute things we need, and watch Dean and tutor all at the same time. It doesn't help either that we have to bring breakfast this Wednesday for Mom to Mom and the girls want to do little gifts for all 100 moms since its Valentine's day. So I have been crafting as well!

I took Delainey and Dean to story time on Thursday and then they played with our little kitchen. They looked like a little old married couple!
Friday, Dave ran some errands with us which included getting some party supplies for Delainey's birthday. I am doing a little bit each month so it doesn't seem like I am spending such a fortune! :) Then we went out to dinner with my parents to celebrate our 6 year anniversary at Salt Life Seafood Shack! Yum!
Saturday we went to the Farmers Market in St. Augustine and had lunch at a cute little restaurant called O.C. White's! We followed up lunch with some shopping at the town center and then dinner at Marcia's.
Such a pretty double rainbow the other day! Thanks God! :)

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