Friday, September 21, 2012

20 Weeks

Big D hit the 20 week mark this week! I can't believe we would only be at the half way point during pregnancy. I feel like she has been a part of our lives forever and can't imagine life without her. Anyways this week has been pretty standard. The usual mom-to-mom, running errands, and just hanging out around the house. I did stop working out at Timed Exercise. I really loved the workouts, but my face was breaking out so I decided I would rather be fat then have bad skin haha. In other news, Delainey has mastered rolling from her back to her stomach in both directions. She used to only go to her left, but now she has no problem going either way.
We did our weekly photo shoot and the days of her sitting still are long gone. It is such a task to get her to sit still and smile. She is so fascinated with the blocks that she is constantly trying to play with them and eat them. I think for the next 32 weeks these pictures are going to be wild!  Here's a little collage of what the pics turned into.
 Yesterday I caught her sucking her thumb while taking a nap! She rarely ever sucks her thumb. I hope this is not going to become the new thing instead of a pacifier.
And lastly I did another crafting project for my friend Jessica. She just moved into a new place and I wanted to make her a house warming gift. Here's a pic of the wreath I made. Talk about so easy to do. I think I will be doing one of these for myself in the near future.
Today we are hanging at the house waiting on Lilly's vet to call me. She went to have her teeth removed since they are rotting. I told them to pull all of them (she only has 7 left), but they called and told me if we don't leave even just one her tongue will hang out of her mouth and her bottom gums will receed making her jaw look different. I told them to leave one so we will see how it goes. I hate when she is put under; it makes me so nervous. :( Hopefully everything will go well. Tomorrow D and I will be doing our first 5k for the American Heart Association and we have couple's supper club. We will post pics on Sunday. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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