Friday, July 13, 2012

MOSH Playdate

Today Delainey and I had a playdate with my friend Alicia and her daughter Collins. D & C are only 9 months apart so they are going to be great friends! (They don't have a choice because Alicia & I have been friends since 6th grade) We went to lunch at European Street Cafe. The sandwiches there are huge and delicious. Not to mention they have great desserts.
Going places with little ones is never a fast task. It took about 2 hours to eat then we headed over to the Museum of Science & History (MOSH). Delainey is obviously too small to enjoy the museum, but Collins seemed interested in a few things. They currently have the largest T-Rex in the world at the museum so that was kind of cool. Nothing too exciting though. For something to do indoors since it has been so hot lately,  I would recommend going to the MOSH. It was a nice little afternoon with the girls. 

This is how the girls play. Haha! They basically just look at each other from their strollers :)

Please look at Delainey's face! She must have been scared the T-Rex was going to eat her! 

D & Neil Armstrong

 This is another outfit from Smocked Auctions! So cute but it runs small. It's supposed to be 3 months and it's already too tight on her. She is growing too fast! 

BTW, no one tells you that if you are planning on breastfeeding you might as well throw all sense of fashion out the window. It is so difficult to find cute clothes that are easy to breastfeed in. Button down shirts are my new go-to item. Just thought I would share for all you soon to be moms. 
Tonight we are just hanging out at the house. We are going to lay low this weekend because we are about to have something going on for the next 4 weeks. We are going to Miami, then the Keys for a week, then David's annual business conference, then my brother's wedding in New Orleans. So until August 17th we will be on the go! School starts back August 20th. I am so glad I don't have to stress about the upcoming school year with all of this going on. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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