Thursday, June 28, 2012

8 weeks & Pool Playdate

Today the sun was finally shining, so we decided to live it up while we could and had a pool playdate with my friend Meg and her son Matthew. Delainey doesn't do too much as far as swimming goes, but boy does she love to sleep outside. She did wake up for a little bit and I took her in the water. She seems to really enjoy it as long as it's not too cold. Here are a few pics from the playdate.

Then we ventured over to Grammy's house (my mom) to do a little more swimming and sunbathing. I brought Lilly (my yorkie) over too. Lilly loves to run laps around the pool while we lay out and play with my mom's dog Tiki. It is hysterical how this dog will run in circles for hours. Here's a little video clip and a few more pictures at Grammy's pool.

After the pool, we went for our usual Thursday night Mexican meal. The whole family goes and we look forward to it every week. It is great to catch up on what has been going on during the week and figure out plans for the weekend. Before we went to dinner, we tried to snap a few photos of Delainey next to her 8 weeks blocks. She was not very happy and we were in a rush so they aren't the best, but o well. 

I think we are going to try to venture to the beach tomorrow. Hopefully we can withstand the 97 degree heat wave that's coming! Overall, today was a great day and kept us busy as can be! I'm off to watch Wrath of the Titans with the hubby & D!  Good night!

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